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Why choose Bawse Associates of Culture Estate to sell your home?

You get the time and dedication of two passionate agents for the price of one.

Client Focused, Detail Oriented - If consistency, honesty, reliability, empathy, out of the box thinking and punctuality is important to you and your family on one of the biggest transactions of your life, then Bawse Associates are the agents for you!

Ana Graveto, at age 20, bought her first multi-family home that she lived in, renovated, then rented out for a positive cash flow while working full-time as a single mother. After several years of setting herself up financially, she moved to Florida where she lived for 4 years until the market crashed and her investments went down with it. She packed up everything and moved back to NJ where she rebuilt her life and her investments. Bouncing back from that loss has made her passionate about helping first-time homebuyers create wealth by educating them about financial health, real estate investing, and how to make their dreams a reality. Ana is organized, analytical, kindhearted, and modest. Her actions, above her words, will prove that you invested in the right person to take care of your future. She’s real, she’s resilient, and she’s ready to show you how it’s done.

Sophy Ramirez is a caring and amiable Real Estate expert with a heart of gold. Sophy is the type of agent that lets her clients know how important they are and assures them that she will always be there for them. She has developed a rather transparent style of conducting business, in a sense that she doesn't hide anything from her clients so that there is a complete sense of trust throughout the entire process. This impressive agent has much to offer to her clients, such as an abundance of knowledge and experience in all aspects of Real Estate including investing, short sales, and home buying. In addition, after devoting so much time and attention to her clients and building a great relationship, clients always have a hard time letting her go and want to keep in touch with her because she is more than just an impressive agent, she is an invaluable friend.

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