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The Right Way To Invest In Real Estate

Buying real estate -- either actual properties or publicly traded stocks that own houses, apartments or commercial buildings is a great way to diversify your portfolio. Housing prices

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36 Of 40 Things To Avoid When Investing

#36 Transaction Fees In the first video I explained that you have to pay attention to how you’re financing your transaction. With real estate, the only transaction that does not come with

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37 Of 40 Things To Avoid When Investing

#37 Insurance So when you're renovating a home while investing in real estate one of the cheapest items you're going to purchase is Insurance, homeowner's insurance. However, all insurance

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What Is An Opportunity Zone

Anyone that has been investing in real estate for the past two years has certainly heard of opportunity zones, and for good reason. Since Q2 2018, opportunity zones have been a heavily invested

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